Technical Service

Regular maintenance is important for securing the accuracy and durability of your equipment.
NovaVeth B.V. is willing to do these activities for you. Our Technical Services department can take care of the maintenance and repair of your equipment. Our well trained employees are skilled and receive annual training from the producers of various products.

NovaVeth B.V. has got a workshop but it is also possible for us to come on site. When desirable, we can offer you a maintenance contract.

Calibration Service for pipettes

Maintenance, calibration, adjustment and reparation of pipettes is also of crucial importance to ensure their accuracy and durability. NovaVeth Calibration Services (NCS) is willing to do these activities for you. Our well trained employees can maintain, repair and calibrate (also at your location) all brands and types of pipettes.
Your instruments are calibrated by the most strict quality standards of ISO-17025. To secure the measurements and tasks, NovaVeth B.V. (of which NCS is a department) has an RvA-accreditation. You can find the accreditation and associated scope at down: NovaVeth B.V., number: K147.

Getting a calibration-certificate of NovaVeth Calibration Services means that the organization that executed the calibration has a fully documented quality system by ISO/IEC-17025 standard. An accreditation of a calibration laboratory guarantees the traceability of the measurements by international standards.

Calibration Service for dispensers

We also offer a full dispenser calibration service. For dispensers it also is of crucial importance to secure the accuracy and durability. NovaVeth would also gladly do these activities for you. We are trained to maintain, repair and calibrate all brands and types of dispensers.