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Specifications The 1 ml deep well plates are available in Riplate® 1ml and Riplate® 1ml plus.

Riplate® 1ml

  • The deep well plates are made of polypropylene or polystyrene and are suitable for high-throughput screening, combinatorial chemistry and storage and preparation of compositions
  • It is possible to freeze the deep-well plates and to defrost them
  • The wells have a round bottom (U), so that there will remain as little as possible of a sample behind in the well
  • Thanks to their excellent chemical resistance the deep well plates are ideal for sensitive diagnostics
  • The Riplate 1ml deep well plates are also available in bioclean (sterile)
Riplate ® 1ml plus
  • The deep well plates are provided with small ridges around the wells to prevent contamination
  • The panels are manufactured to the standard SBS format and features eight air vents; this makes the Riplate 1ml plus the ideal format for use in a thermocycler or for thawing of samples in a hot water bath
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Article nr Name Unit size Case size in units Price Order Offer
RR43001-0010 Riplate Deepwell 1 ml PS box/20 12 Offer
RR43001-0016 Riplate Deepwell 1 ml PP box/20 12 Offer
RR43001-0116 Riplate Plus 1ml PP box/20 1 Offer
RR43001-1016 Riplate 1ml sterile PP box/10 12 Offer
RR43001-1116 Riplate Plus 1ml sterile PP box/10 12 Offer
RR43001-0017 Capmat for Riplate 1ml, shore 85 box/20 5 Offer
RR43001-1017 Capmat for Riplate 1ml, sterile box/10 10 Offer