Hamilton Pipettes
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Specifications The Soft Grip pipettes from Hamilton, awarded for their innovative design, are designed for long term use. The manual pipettes are fully autoclavable for easy decontamination and sterilization.

  • The SoftGrip manual pipettes are available in 0.2 µL - 1 mL.
  • With a soft contoured handle and a curved hilt the pipette rests comfortable in your hand. The soft, ergonomic shape and pipetting liquids at low forces reduce hand and wrist fatigue compared to other pipettes. The Soft Grip pipettes reduce the risk of factors associated with pipette-related RSI.
  • The isolated volume adjustment makes it so there's no need for a locking mechanism to prevent accidental volume adjustment.
  • Our new generation of pipettes has a dual indicator that improves the volume adjustment accuracy by removing the parallax errors.
  • The slim ejection sleeve is made from a high strength, chemically resistant polymer.
  • The slim design allows the pipette to reach to the bottom of narrow tubes without the need for extended length tips.
  • SoftGrip pipettes have a universal calibration key that reduces the need for costly calibration services. Each pipette is calibrated in factory according to NIST standards and is supplied with a calibration certificate which lists the accuracy and precision of the pipette state.
  • Calibration requires only minutes to perform and eliminates the downtime and cost of alternative calibration methods.
  • The SoftGrip tip nozzle ensures a proper fit with universal pipette tips.
  • Unique color coding and labeling clearly indicate the working ranges of the adjustable volume pipettes.
  • Superior accuracy and precision
  • 100% autoclavable
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Article nr Name Unit size Case size in units Price Order Offer
Single channel pipettors
H55019-01 SoftGrip Fixed Volume 5µL 1 piece 1 Offer
H55019-03 SoftGrip Fixed Volume 10µL 1 piece 1 Offer
H55019-05 SoftGrip Fixed Volume 25µL 1 piece 1 Offer
H55019-07 SoftGrip Fixed Volume 50µL 1 piece 1 Offer
H55019-09 SoftGrip Fixed Volume 100µL 1 piece 1 Offer
H55019-11 SoftGrip Fixed Volume 200µL 1 piece 1 Offer
H55019-13 SoftGrip Fixed Volume 250µL 1 piece 1 Offer
H55019-15 SoftGrip Fixed Volume 300µL 1 piece 1 Offer
H55019-17 SoftGrip Fixed Volume 500µL 1 piece 1 Offer
H55019-19  SoftGrip Fixed Volume 1mL 1 piece 1 Offer
H55019-30 SoftGrip Adjust. Vol. 2µL 1 piece 1 Offer
H55019-32 SoftGrip Adjust. Vol. 10µL 1 piece 1 Offer
H55019-34 SoftGrip Adjust. Vol. 25µL 1 piece 1 Offer
H55019-36 SoftGrip Adjust. Vol. 100µL 1 piece 1 Offer
H55019-38 SoftGrip Adjust. Vol. 300µL 1 piece 1 Offer
H55019-40 SoftGrip Adjust. Vol. 1mL 1 piece 1 Offer
Multi channel pipettors
H55019-50 SoftGrip 8 Channel 50µL 1 piece 1 Offer
H55019-52  SoftGrip 8 Channel 300µL 1 piece 1 Offer
H55019-54 SoftGrip 12 Channel 50µL 1 piece 1 Offer
H55019-56 SoftGrip 12 Channel 300µL 1 piece 1 Offer
H34002 Calibration Key 1 piece 1 Offer
H53578-01 SoftGrip Pipette Carousel 1 piece  1 Offer