Corporate Social Responsibility

NovaVeth strives to contribute to continuous improvement of welfare and health of all people and animals. NovaVeth is trying to achieve this by offering innovative solutions to the life science industry and at the same time seeking a balance between commercial and sustainable business through corporate social responsibility. NovaVeth has a company policy that wants to limit damage to the environment to the fullest and uses socially responsible behavior as a starting point. This is also endorsed by the management statement and quality statement of our ISO 9001 manual.

How does this look like in practice?
NovaVeth uses green electricity and strives to deal efficiently and responsibly with her energy use. We also have energy-efficient cars with energy label A in our fleet, and we recycle our waste. We also use recycled paper and let our depreciated equipment recycle.

The digital era makes it possible for us to exchange documents without waste. An example of this is that customers of calibration service standard receive digital certificates instead of paper certificates. Socially responsible behavior is also a criterion for selecting our suppliers. Our gardening, for example, is done by 'Concern for Work', a local initiative that helps people back to work. NovaVeth also supports various studies (especially research into colorectal cancer) and charities. For instance, we are business friend of The Dutch Cancer Society (in Dutch "KWF Kankerbestrijding

This way of doing business will remain necessary and our CSR efforts will therefore only increase in the future.