SSI Tips
Specifications Are you looking for tips that are compatible with most brands of pipettors? We offer you the beveled tip of SSI.

Supplied in a rack

We offer you the following articles with 30-50% discount!

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Article nr Name Unit size Case size in units Price Order Offer
SI421200 200 μl Beveled tip racked non sterile 30% off box/10x96 1 Offer
SI4212S0 250 μl Beveled tip racked sterile 30% off box/10x96 1 Offer
SI429000 250 μl Tip wide orifice bulk 30% off box/10x1000 1 Offer
SI441000 Mega-5 Tip 100-5000 μl, graduated 30% off box/10x250 1 Offer
SI463100 Biomek Type Tip 50 μl Racked box/5x10 1 Offer
SI421200 200 μl tip racked non sterile - 50% off box/10x96 Offer