Ritter Ritips Professional
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Specifications The Ritter Ritips Professional are compatible with the electronic Ritter Ripette genX, the Ritter Ripette Pro and many other dispensers. It is the new generation of dispenser tips.

  • The nine tip sizes for steppers are suited for dispensing volumes from 1 μl – 50.000 μl.
  • Using the direct displacement method, the tips are proper for viscous, infectious and volatile liquides.
  • Reliable and repeatable results through automated, individual tests of every single tip.
  • Each size is available in wrapped bioclean® quality. The Ritter bioclean® quality means sterile, pyrogene-, ATP-, RNase- and DNA-free. The purity of the label bioclean® is certified by independent laboratories.
  • A certificate of every batch is available on request.
  • Lot no. on each box.
  • These precision dispenser tips, standard and bioclean®, are suitable for: Ripette®, Ripette®pro, Multipette® 4780, HandyStep®, eLine™-Dispenser, Minilab 100, Minilab 101, Minilab 201, Repetman®, StepMate, EasyStep, EasyStep electronic, RepeatOne®, Handrop.
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Article nr Name Unit size Case size in units Price Order Offer
Ritips pro
RR40007-0000 Ritips pro 0.10ml box/100 30 Offer
RR40007-0001 Ritips pro 0.20ml box/100 30 Offer
RR40007-0003 Ritips pro 0.50ml box/100 30 Offer
RR40007-0004 Ritips pro 1.00ml box/100 30 Offer
RR40007-0005 Ritips pro 2.50ml box/100 30 Offer
RR40007-0006 Ritips pro 5.00ml box/100 30 Offer
RR40007-0007 Ritips pro 10.00ml box/100 30 Offer
RR40007-0009 Ritips pro 25.00ml box/25 30 Offer
RR40007-0010 Ritips pro 50.00ml box/25 20 Offer
Ritips pro bioclean
RR40007-0011 Ritips pro 0.10ml bioclean box/100 20 Offer
RR40007-0012 Ritips pro 0.20ml bioclean box/100 20 Offer
RR40007-0013 Ritips pro 0.50ml bioclean box/100 20 Offer
RR40007-0014 Ritips pro 1.00ml bioclean box/100 20 Offer
RR40007-0015 Ritips pro 2.50ml bioclean box/100 20 Offer
RR40007-0016 Ritips pro 5.00ml bioclean box/100 20 Offer
RR40007-0017 Ritips pro 10.00ml bioclean box/100 20 Offer
RR40007-0019 Ritips pro 25.00ml bioclean box/25 20 Offer
RR40007-0020 Ritips pro 50.00ml bioclean box/25 20 Offer