Capp Expell Tips
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Specifications Expell Tips
  • The expel tips do not have the low retention characteristic of the ExpellPlus Tips, but have been produced according to the same high standards of production and in accordance with the strict requirements for the wetting characteristics, as well as the transparency and high degrees of purity
  • A unique charging system makes refilling racks easier than ever and is designed to reduce both costs and waste
  • The Expell tips in racks are packed in boxes designed to maximize convenience and to take minimal space on your desktop
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Article nr Name Unit size Case size in units Price Order Offer
Expell standard tips
CA5130010 Expell 10ul, Bulk case/1x1000 20 Offer
CA5130070 Expell 200ul, Bulk case/1x1000 10 Offer
CA4130075 Expell 200ul, Bulk yellow case/1x1000 10 Offer
CA5130100 Expell 300ul, Bulk case/1x1000 10 Offer
CA5130105 Expell 300ul, Racked case/1x10x96 5 Offer
CA5130110 Expell 300ul, Racked, Sterile case/1x10x96 5 Offer
CA5130120 Expell 1000/1250ul (extended length), Bulk case/1x1000 5 Offer
CA5130121 Expell 1250ul XL, hinged racks case/1x8x96 4 Offer
CA5130122 Expell 1250ul XL, pre-sterile, hinged racks case/1x8x96 4 Offer
CA5130130 Expell 1000ul, Bulk case/1x1000 4 Offer
CA4130135 Expell 1000ul, Bulk blue case/1x1000 5 Offer
CA5130135 Expell 1000/1250ul, Racked case/1x8x96 4 Offer
CA5130140 Expell 1000/1250ul, Racked, Sterile case/1x8x96 4 Offer
CA5130160 Expell 5000ul, Bulk case/1x250 10 Offer
CA5130165 Expell 5000ul, Racked case/1x50 10 Offer
CA5130155 Expell 1000ul, Reload, Sterile case/1x5x96 10 Offer
CA5130190 Expell 10000ul, Bulk case/1x200 5 Offer
CA5130125 Empty rack for 1000ul (1250ul) reload tips 32 pieces 1 Offer
CA5130195 Expell 10000ul, Racked, Sterile case/1x25 10 Offer