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Micronic tubes used in The Generation R Study

The Generation R Study is a prospective cohort study from fetal life until young adulthood in a multi-ethnic urban population. Several research groups...

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Customers rate us with a 7.9!

Recently NovaVeth investigated the customers satisfaction in our clients. The outcome of this investigation is one we are very proud of! It turns out...

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New: 0.30ml tube with external thread!

The latest addition to the Micronic tube range is the 0.30ml tube with external thread. The tube has a working volume of 210µl and this makes it ideal...

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Pipette Leak Test Unit of Brand

The most common cause of inaccuracy of your pipettes is leakage. The Brand Pipette Leak Testing (PLT) Unit even finds the smallest leaks of your pipet...

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Micronic quarterly specials!

Micronic has this quarter some interesting deals: - Electric Capper CP480 with 160 free TPE Capclusters - Manual Capper CM480 with 80 free TPE Capcl...

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Ritter Ritips

The Ritter Ritips are available in 9 tip sizes and suitable for dosing sizes of 1μl to 5ml. Through the Ritips you can dose safely without the risk of...

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10 tips for laboratory efficiency

Efficiency in a laboratory is very important for the research outcome. The outcome may be different than expected because of a small change in the pr...

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XTube-processor of HTI bio-X

The X-TubeProcessor of HTI bio-X is a versatile capper / decapper for screw caps. In addition to the capping / decapping function, this customer-speci...

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Customer references

Tergooi Hospitals

"The sample management software LabCollector Micronic is everything and more you could ask for. The software is user-friendly and samples are very easy to find. The contact with NovaVeth was personal, quick and they think along with the for customer appropriate solutions."


“NovaVeth provides good technical service to INTEGRA CELL ROLL systems. The Technical Service specialists have a lot of knowledge and handle short lead times.”

Hazera Seeds

"We have five years of good experience with the NovaVeth Calibration Service. NovaVeth has a RvA certification, clear reporting and the possibility of on-site calibrations. The specialists at NovaVeth handle a personal approach and answer questions quickly."


"Ordered products meet our needs and have proper value for money. I can switch quickly with my account holder and they think along with you."

Charles River laboratories

"NovaVeth is our supplier of Micronic products. NovaVeth is characterized by good communication and also proper handling of current affairs."


"At NovaVeth I got a quick response to inquiries and appointments. There was expert advice and attention for the uses of the product and my wishes in this."

Roche Diagnostics

"I experience NovaVeth as an excellent partner with pleasant employees. I have good contact with them."

Central Laboratory for Poultry

"Excellent company, good prices!"

Erasmus MC

"Our NovaVeth Sales Agent is very approachable and the contact is always pleasant. The LabCollector software is a great solution for our sample storage chaos!"
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Capp Rondo Microcentrifuge

The Rondo Micro Centrifuge by Capp offers much more than a normal micro centrifuge. There is a basic version with a fixe...

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